Sand Lake

5 swims – 2 rods only

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General Information

  •  5 Swims
  • Carp mirrors, commons and ghost carp to 32lb+. Catfish to 68lb+.
  • 24 tickets bookable online 24 hours £25.
  • Some Day tickets available call dale first on 07764 242731 £10.
  • Usual big water rules apply.
  • Bookings are from 1pm to 1pm next day but pegs will be held as paid for but please try and arrive before 6pm if possible. Any later please call and let us know.
  • 2 rods.
  • 5 pegs only on the lake.

Sand Lake Rules

  • Cradle or sided mats only to be used. Must have water vessel to
    enable keeping fish wet.

  • Micro Barbed or Barbless Hooks allowed size 4 max and size 10 minimum.

  • No Lead core but braided hook lengths allowed.

  • Tubing or Safezone leaders MUST be used
  • No Tiger nuts whatsoever, all other nuts/particles must be pre-soaked.

  • 42″ landing nets or larger.

  • Maximum of 2 rods each.

  • Minimum of 12lb hooklength  with appropriate  strength mainline

  • No Bait Boats Allowed.

  • Dogs welcome as long as they are kept under control, and mess is cleaned up.
  • Guests are welcome, a maximum of 2 at a time
  • Please respect all other anglers on the lake and no loud music

  • No Excessive drinking alcohol or substance abuse allowed.

  • Please take all litter home and leave barbecues clean and tidy.

Online Booking Information

Bookings accepted in the format of 24/48/72/96 hour sessions. All sessions need to be booked via the online booking system in advance. Fishing/booking times are for the “night” and include from 1pm the day before and up till to 1pm the day after. (Your time of arrival is 1pm and departure is 1 pm on your departure day) in other words, if you want to fish say Friday night that is what you book and it includes from 1pm Friday to 1pm Saturday. Ticket price is £25 per 24 hours. To book a swim please select your preferred “Swim Number” above and choose your date/s using the calendar and fill in the short form and click the add to cart for your booking.

  • Changeover time is 1pm. Please vacate the swim by 1pm prompt to allow the next person to set up.
  • If arriving later than 6pm please telephone 07764 242731 (Dale) to advise).
  • No leaving site after 9pm.