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Kingfisher Pool: 15 Swims

Keep-nets allowed on this water. Ground baiting allowed for Trusted Members Only. Level access swims with parking available to most swims close by. Some swims able to park behind swim.

This water has a large stock of mirrors and an even larger head of Common Carp.  Koi and Ghost Koi, commons and mirrors in this lake many of which have been specially bred by Flaot Fish Farm.  All carp to 16lb with a healthy number of 8 to 12 lb range.

Big shoal of Bream with one shoal of 40 bream around 3 to 4 lb and one shoal of 20 Bream from 8 lb to 13 lb.  Hundreds of Skimmers to 1 lb.

Good head of Grass Carp to 5 lb and Perch to 4 lb.

Green Tench to 8 lb and Golden Tench to 4 lb.

Roach and Rudd to 3 lb+  Ide to 2lb and Barbel to 2 lb+

Only 1 rod at a time to be fished and no floating baits or boilies bigger than 10mm. Barbless Hooks.

No bite alarms


Only 1 rod to be fished at a time, no bite alarms, no floating baits.

1 rod allowed.

No Bite alarms or floating baits

Day ticket  £7.00 adult (16 to 64)

Day Ticket £5.00 Concession ( adults 65 and Juniors 15 and Under)

Evening ticket after 4pm till dusk £5.00

Only use Float Fish Farm nets Unless you have a Trusted Member Tag
Maximum 50lb. in a keep net and maximum 5 hours
No fish 5lb. or over in keep nets
Unhooking Mats must be used when handling fish
Only 1 Rod to be fished at a time. No bite alarms
Do not leave rods unattended. You will lose it!
Barbless Hooks only and no larger than a size 10
Please make sure Line and Elastic are strong enough
No Surface Fishing, No Boilies or Nuts
Ground Bait in feeders or method only unless you have a Trusted Member Tag
Children under 14 must be supervised by 18+Adult
Please take all cans, bottles and litter home
No Barbecues on the grass – use barbecues provided.


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