6 Swims

This will be our new Speciman lake

At the present time it is stocked with approximately 200 carp from 15 lb to 40 lb +.  Swim Numbers go Clockwise with Swim 1 being at the bottom end of the lake at the far north of our Boundary.  Swim 6 being closest to the Wind Turbine.  Three swims on each side and long bank.

We have added more Carp to the lake this winter of 2016 / 2017

Lapwing Lake is now open and catches have been good with many swims gaining 4 or 5 carp.

Bookings accepted in the format of  24/48/72/96 hour sessions. All sessions need to be booked on line and paid for at the time of booking.

Bait available in our new on site Bait Shop.  Brands include Dynamite, Mainline, Sensas, Ringers and pellets from Coppens and Skrettings.

Fishing/booking times are for the “night” and include from 1pm the day before and up till to 1pm the day after. (Your time of arrival is 1pm and departure is 1 pm on your departure day) in other words if you want to fish say Friday night that is what you book and it includes from 1pm Friday to 1pm Saturday.
Ticket price is £25 per 24 hours

To book a swim please click on your preferred “Swim Number” from below and choose your date/s using the calendar and fill in the short form and click the pay button to pay for your booking. Payment is by way of Paypal.

Book via the following links. (links available in 2017)

SWIM 1 –

SWIM 2 –

SWIM 3 –

SWIM 4 –

SWIM 5 –

SWIM 6 –


1. Micro Barbed Hooks only – Largest size 6 – Smallest size 12.
2. Cradle or sided mats only to be used. Must have water vessel to
enable keeping fish wet.
3. Landing Net minimum size 42″
4. No Braided Mainline to be used – No Leadcore & No Fixed Leads.
All Main line to be 12lb +.
5. Tubing or SafeZone Leader must be used.
6. Must have a bucket of fresh lake water to keep fish moist whilst in
cradle or sided mat.
7. All fish to be returned quickly – No sacking fish Overnight.
8. No Bait boats or fish finders allowed.
9. No Tiger Nuts to be used. All other particles to be properly
10. Under 16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.
11. No walking further than the next swim whilst rods are left in the
12. Please respect other anglers on the water and leave swims tidy and
litter free. Please take all litter and rubbish home with you.
13. Alcohol is permitted but in sensible amounts. Anglers found drunk
will be asked to leave.
14. Fishing is permitted with 3 rods.


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